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Digital Image Makeover / Beauty Makeover

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They say the camera cannot lie, but how often have you looked at a photograph of yourself and thought "Is that really me - do I really look that bad?" (Yes, I'm afraid we've all been there!)

The problem is that 'still' photographic portraits just cannot compare with the real thing. When people see you in the flesh they get the whole package - nice smile, twinkly eyes, great personality - in other words a living, breathing, REAL person. That's why photographs rarely seem to do you justice.

So, how come models in glossy magazines always manage to look great? How do they achieve their flawless skin, pearly white teeth and gorgeous eyes? Mother nature plays a role of course, but the 'perfection' you see in the media is nearly always achieved by digital artists like us!

Professional retouching is a painstaking, time-consuming business - and normally very expensive. At, however, we have developed techniques that enable us to work very quickly. This means we are able to charge less, bringing professional photo retouching within reach of the general public.

At we give your favourite photos a 'Digital Makeover'. We remove skin imperfections, smooth out wrinkles on face and neck, wipe away spots and shiny patches, fix imperfect teeth - even help you shed a few pounds! (alas, only digitally!)

Why would you want a Digital Image Makeover?

* It's cheaper (and less painful) than plastic surgery!

* Facebook or Dating profile picture

* It's just a nice thing to have - like a flattering oil painting

* Gives a great 'confidence boost'

* If it's OK for Hollywood stars and Supermodels, why not you?

* Brush away the years with a "Digital Facelift", lose pounds with a "Digital Diet"!

Of course, you don't have to go for an extreme makeover: gentle image enhancement can be used for photos on Facebook, Myspace and dating sites. They can even improve your job prospects: enhanced images on your CV can help you get that all-important interview!

Digital makeovers make great gifts too: Ideal for Father's Day, Mother's day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries and, of course, Valentine's Day! If you need a gift for that special person, give them one that will touch their heart and bring a smile to their face.

And don't think Digital Makeovers are just for girls! Men of all ages use our services - from toning down beer bellies and pumping up muscles, to removing wrinkles and clearing up acne!

Other Services

Sometimes you're entirely happy with the way you look in a photo but the effect is spoiled by an untidy or inappropriate background. Or perhaps there's someone else in the frame that you would prefer not to be there! Whatever the problem our digital artists will put it right for you.

We can repair damaged or faded photographs. We can change hair and eye colour, lighten dark skin or give pasty, pale skin a glowing tan! Just tell us what you want and we'll do it for you.


How does it work?

It couldn't be easier: send us a photograph*. It doesn't matter what size (but please bear in mind that we can achieve better results from larger photos). It can be a print or a digital picture, black and white or colour - we'll work with whatever you give us.

First we make a high-resolution COPY of your photo, leaving the original intact. Once your photograph has been 'captured' in this way, our artists begin to work their magic on the copy.

When the 'makeover' has been completed we provide you with a high-quality digital 'Master' from which you can make your own copies, plus a free glossy print. Additional high quality prints are also available. See below for prices.

* If you do not have a suitable photo we can arrange a Portrait Session at your home.
This costs just £75 plus 98p per mile (charged one-way from SK17 6PT)

Is it expensive?

Our Retouching and Digital Makeover services cost from just £16. Simply send us your photograph, tell us what you would like us to do (e.g. "Remove spots and wrinkles" and we'll tell you how much it would cost - there's no obligation to proceed at this stage (all our quotations are free and entirely without obligation). Here are some examples:

Remove spots and wrinkles, remove 'red-eye', improve colour balance and contrast
Remove telegraph pole that appears to be growing out of uncle George's head. Straighten crooked horizon. Improve colour balance and contrast. Remove ugly factory building from background.
Remove (or add) people. Straighten horizon. Improve contrast. Remove ugly factory building from background, remove litter from foreground, replace 'washed out' sky with blue sky and white clouds

Prices include: return of your original photograph, a high resolution digital master of the retouched picture, plus a free glossy print on genuine Kodak or Fuji photographic paper.

Unlike other photo retouching services we give you the digital 'master' picture. This means that you don't need to come back to us if ever you want additional copies. You can make any number of prints in the future - at no additional cost. Of course, if you want us to provide high quality 'real' prints, on 'real' Kodak or Fuji paper we can supply them at the following discounted prices,

6 x 4
7 x 5
9 x 6
Extra Large
10 x 7
Larger sizes available (up to 30 ins x 20 ins)
Also 'Box' framed Canvas prints

How do I get my photos to you?

Your photos can be dropped off at our Buxton studio or you can send them by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. Digital and scanned photographs can be sent on CD or as email attachments. We also accept camera memory cards and USB flash drives.
Trinity Parsonage
Hardwick Square East
Derbyshire SK17 6PT

**When posting your photos it's a good idea to sandwich them between sheets of stiff cardboard
and place them in a strong envelope. We recommend using Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

How do I pay?

There's no need to send payment with your order. We will appraise your photograph/s and let you know exactly what the cost will be (there is no obligation to proceed at this stage). If you decide to go ahead we will send an invoice that can be paid securely online by phone by Debit or Credit card. Or you can send a cheque or postal order.

How and When do I get my Photos back?

Our service normally takes about a week - a little longer at busy times of the year. If you have a deadline to meet (a birthday or anniversary for example) be sure to let us know. You can collect your photos from our Buxton studio or we can send them by Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

If you have any questions about digital image enhancement call 07813 449521

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Commercial Clients

Digital Image Photo Retouching

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