In an increasingly competitive world it's important to make the most of every marketing opportunity. One of the most cost-effective marketing tools is the humble business card. Here's our hot tips for making the most of them....

1. Use 'em!
It may seem obvious but your business cards can't work for you if nobody sees them. Business cards will do no good stuck in a drawer at home or at the office. Get them out and on display, hand them around. They’ll soon start working their magic.

2. Keep them handy
Keep a supply of cards wherever you’re likely to use them - jacket pockets, personal organisers, diaries, handbags, wallets, purses, on your reception desk. Make sure you top up your supply regularly.

3. Make Sure they say what you do
It’s surprising how many cards don’t actually say what the company does! Remember: your card may sit in a wallet or card index for some time before your prospective customer looks at it again - will they remember what you do?

4. Ask for referrals
Why hand over a single card? Give prospects a few and ask them to pass them on to anyone who may be interested in your products or services.

5. Give people a reason to hold on to your card
Retention levels for our cards are already high, but you can encourage people to hold on to your card by printing something useful on the back. (examples: a calendar, a list of your services, a map and directions to your premises, appointment record, discount offer or information relevant to your industry).

6. Include a business card with correspondence
Attach your business card to letters, invoices, marketing literature, etc. (you never know where that card might end up!)

7. Keep it Clear and Concise
Make sure the most important information is on your card and can be easily read. Use clear, simple fonts (no smaller than 7pt).

8. Invest in new cards
Don't be tempted to 'save money' by using cards that are grubby and dog-eared, have telephone numbers amended or crossed out - or worse: someone else’s name crossed out!

9. Don't Cut Corners!
Be careful where you buy your cards. Beware of cheap or 'Free' business cards, they are usually non-standard size, printed on thin card, and they look and feel cheap.

10. Design matters
As we've said, it's a highly competitive world out there so it makes sense to project the best image you can. Our designers are not from the 'One Size Fits All' school of graphic design - we tailor designs to suit your business.


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